About Us: IMI Founding Partner – Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Eleanor Gates-Stuart
Eleanor Gates-Stuart

So why imaginarymediaimages?

It is interesting really; imaginarymediaimages (IMI) came about through the need for wanting really good digital printing in my studio for my own artworks, as artist Eleanor Gates-Stuart. I see digital printing as a very exciting method for producing much of my work as images are often composed entirely digitally, embedding many rich visual references and unique sketches.

I have been involved with printmaking throughout my career and an advocate for all kinds of traditional, experimental and technological approaches to making prints, including interdisciplinary practice and collaboration.

Imaginarymediaimages was created to expand the studio, act as a ‘label’ for printed collections, enjoy creating images other than my own research and to offer the printing facility to others who are interested in their work being produced by us at the IMI studio, sensitive to artistic practice and with an outstanding knowledge of printmaking, digital print and production capabilities.

Of course there are other studios out there and digitally printed services, but we remain bespoke and individual in what we produce and therefore guided by own values in creativity, professional practice and quality.

Imaginarymediaimages http://imaginarymediaimages.net/

Eleanor Gates-Stuart http://eleanorgatestuart.net